The Architect — Original Vision

Original Vision are pioneers in leisure architecture. Specialising in resort and residential design, they are renowned for creating iconic vacation destinations and homes of distinction. They have brought this reputation to bear at Jacaranda with their hallmarks of simplicity and sophistication combined with a close affinity with the topography and the view.

The Architect’s Viewpoint

Discussing The Jacaranda Estate with Adrian McCarroll of Original Vision we wanted to get the world-renowned architect’s perspective on this, his latest project.

What was your first impression of the site?

When I first walked the land I was taken back by the quality of the view. From due north, all the way round to the south-west, the unobstructed panorama over the Aegean Sea is quite extraordinary.

And was the layout of the site a natural choice for development?

It’s not often that a sloping site will offer the opportunity of clear views to all the accommodation we put on it. Through careful master planning, every villa at Jacaranda enjoys the full majesty of an Aegean sunset.

Describe in a few words how the villas will look at Jacaranda?

The elegance and fragility of the structure enclosing the living, dining and kitchen allows it to float above the rusticated base of the bedrooms on the level below. The finely engineered concrete and glass box sits atop locally quarried natural hewn stone, providing deep texturing and vivid contrast. As with all our work, the real quality is in the details and we pride ourselves in making sure everything fits together beautifully.

How have you managed to create the indoor/outdoor living space?

Part of the inspiration behind our design was to create delicate but wide, open-ended tubes that provide shade and encourage an indoor/outdoor way of life by harnessing the cooling land and sea breezes that prevail during the summer months.

Were there any spaces that needed additional light?

To bring light and air into the lower-ground level, we have cut an open shaft through the villa. Framing an ornamental tree, this feature serves the added purpose as a focal point of reference to the interiors.

What inspired the landscaping?

Taking inspiration from the natural flora of the site, olive and holly oak trees are used extensively and punctuated by the verticality of cypresses, oleander, bougainvillea and jasmine provide texture and accent to the ground cover with fragrance being added with rosemary and lavender.

Examples of Original Vision's work